Gambler’s Choice Rules & Guidelines

  1. A certain number of obstacles are set up in the arena. Each obstacle carries from 10 to 120 points according to its difficulty. Combination obstacles are not allowed. The obstacles must be built so that they can be jumped in both directions.
  2. The points allocated to the obstacles may be repeated.
  3. The competitor is credited with the number of points carried by each obstacle that he has jumped correctly. No points are awarded for an obstacle knocked down.
  4. Each competitor has 90 seconds. During this time, he may jump all the obstacles he wishes in any order and in any direction. He may cross the starting line in either direction.
  5. Ringing the bell declares the end of the round. The competitor must then cross the finishing line in one direction or the other to allow their time to be recorded. If they do not cross the finishing line, they are placed last of the competitors with the same number of points.
  6. If the fixed time is reached at the moment when the horse is already taking off (front hooves off the ground), this obstacle counts if it is correctly jumped.
  7. Any obstacle knocked down during a round will not be rebuilt; if it is jumped again, no points will be credited to the competitor. The same applies for knocking down an obstacle in disobedience or for displacing a lower part positioned in the same vertical plane. In the case of a disobedience without a knock-down, the competitor may jump that obstacle or continue to the next obstacle.
  8. Each obstacle may  be jumped twice. The act, voluntarily or not, of jumping an obstacle for the third time or of passing between the flags of an obstacle for the third time or of passing between the flags of an obstacle already knocked down does not incur elimination. However, the competitor does not score the points allotted to this obstacle.
  9. All disobediences are penalized by the time lost by the competitor. The competitor must stop after a fall. Nevertheless he is placed according to the points obtained up to the moment of his fall disregarding the time.
  10. The competitor who has obtained the highest number of points will be declared the winner. In the event of equality of points, the fastest time taken between the starting line and the finishing line will decide. In the event of equality of points and time for first place, there will be a jump-off according to the same formula with a fixed time of 40 seconds.
  11. An obstacle may be provided in the course duly marked by flags and title “Joker”; The Joker may be jumped twice; 200 points are awarded each time this obstacle is jumped correctly.
  12. If by ringing the bell, a joker is required to be jumped within twenty seconds after the fixed time has expired and after the competitor has crossed the finishing line, only one attempt is allowed.